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Not much to tell here - single dude, lovin' the party animal life. I was born in upstate New York in a small town. I came to meet my family by picking their back porch as my hang out spot. It really helps to cry a lot when you're in the rain. Hey, can you blame me? As a long-haired cat stuck out in the rain without an umbrella, I was having a really bad hair day. Someone had to let me in! My new family fell in love with me on the instant and I've adapted to the indoor life fairly well. Of course I do have my moments when I scoot out the door, but I've never managed to escape for long.

Unlike Tabitha, I don't care much for tv. I'm more the athletic type. I love to run around my house like a chicken without a head and use the furniture as part of my obstacle course. I also love to have my picture taken. Check out some photos of me here .

Well, gotta run! I have a computer printer to check out. I just love how that paper spits out into the holding tray. I wonder if a cat can get in there???

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