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Classification System
1-non-threatening, non-dangerous
2-mixed findings, though typically non-dangerous
3-dangerous when provoked/threatened, but generally not
4-mixed findings, though typically more dangerous than not
5-extremly dangerous. Avoid at all costs

Classification: 5-extremly dangerous. Avoid at all costs

Seriously. Avoid. At. All. Costs.

Inkwells are a special breed of predator. Although little is known about them, here is what we do know:

(1) Inkwells have a great sense for finding things. Although they are a blob-like creature with no discernable features for picking up taste, smell, or sound, there is some belief that they sense the movements of their prey through vibrations in the ground.

(2) They can morph into whatever object or creature they desire. Their bodies are made from a thick, oily substance that can take on any shape.

(3) Normal weapons cannot harm them. Blade, arrow, or any other object will only make their bodies turn into smoke before reforming. This is what makes inkwells one of the most dangerous creatures known.

(4) As far as any record we have can tell, inkwells can only be dispelled by the use of magic or fire.

That about sums it up for the list of things we know about this creature. They're nasty beasts that, once put on the "scent" of their prey, will stop at nothing to destroy them.

There have been sightings of the inkwell in Spellbreaker, one of many urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels featured in the Souls and Shadows Box Set. Track the beast now by one-clicking the novel today:


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