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I was born in a tiny upstate New York village. I am, of course, a Tabby Cat and I have gray and white stripes. My favorite food is minced turkey or beef and I have a collection of fancy feast christmas ornaments. Well, ok I only have two of them, but at least that's a start!

I love my family very much (they rescued me when I was a stray kitten, living outside when winter set in) but I do not take kindly to company. When visitors come over I simply make a bee - line for my favorite hiding place and wait until everyone leaves before venturing out again.

I am a huge fan of T.V. I sit up all night watching nick-at-nite. For christmas a few years ago my family bought me the video of Stuart Little. I really loved watching the making of that movie. Now I own Stuart Little 2.

A few years ago I lost my brother Tiger (Ty - who loved to sing along with Sarah Brightman) and my sister Egypt (who was known as the attitude cat, but in a good way) both in one week.

Tiger had a tumor and Egypt had an enlarged heart, but thanks to a great vet my family and I managed to get what we are sure was extra time with Egypt as she was treated for just short of a year for her illness.

I also had a canine brother named Sandy ( he was a stray too) but Sandy passed on to doggy heaven a few years before Ty and Egypt.

I lived for a while in a one cat household. But that didn't last long. Now I have a new brother named Patch. He's a rambunctious little dude with one eye and long fur. I can't keep up with him, especially when he runs around the house like a nut, using all the furniture as part of his whole-house obstacle course. I prefer to the good life - an airconditioned room, a queen size pillow top mattress, and cable tv.

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