Short Articles on Angels and the Angelic Realm

Having studied and taught Angelology, it came as no surprise to Miss Armae that her first novel sold included a vampire hero who was half angel. In keeping with her interest in Angels, here are some tidbits about the Angelic Realm and its fascinating residents.


Cherubs are considered by most people to be the small child-like angels depicted in Baroque and Rococo art. However, these angels are anything but cute and playful. The Cherubim are the second most powerful angels of the angelic choir and have often been compared to the mighty Griffin of Assyrian lore.  In various spiritual lore, the Cherubim are often referred to as beasts with many eyes, 4 faces and 4 wings.

Cherubs are the first angels mentioned in the old testament book of Genesis. According to the bible, these heavenly beings carried flaming swords as their weapons, and were given the responsibility of guarding the tree of life.  They have also been noted as the angels who guard the arc of the covenant.

Tasks credited to the Cherubim:

Charioteers of God's chariot.
Bearer's of God's Throne
Guardians of the fixed stars
Personification of the wind

Chief rulers of the order of the Cherubim:

The archangel Raphael
The archangel Gabriel
Satan ~ before the fall

Next installment: The Grigori - the fallen choir
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