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ISBN: 1-59279-818-7
Publisher: Amber Quill Press
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Genre: YA Horror

"Set in small town America in the 1970's, HAUNTED HOUSE OF THE VAMPIRE is a great young adult horror tale by baseball novelist Bruce Markusen. The story of Kenny Odom takes the reader on a grand adventure that starts in Kenny's basement where he discovers the body of a vampire and unknowingly sets the creature free, bringing him back into mortal society. With haunted attics, graveyards and the ever scary basement, Markusen manages a fantastical tale that keeps the reader enthralled, waiting impatiently for the next twist in Kenny's saga. Reminiscent of a friday night thriller special, Haunted House of the Vampire makes for the perfect weekend read." - Angelique Armae.

Articles and Info:

Approx. 850 species of bats exist today. These are grouped in 17 families and are found in almost every part of the world.

There are two suborders of bats - Megachiroptera (greater bats) and Microchiroptera (lesser bats).
THE GREATER BATS: Fruit eaters.

The largest of these is the Flying Fox of Java with a body as big as a crow and a wing span of 5 feet.

Gather by day in orchards, fruit groves or under palm leaves.

Fly to feeding grounds at sundown and return to resting places by dawn.

Largest - The False Vampire Bat of Australia with a wing span of over two feet.

Smallest - has a body approx. the size of a bumble bee.

16 families of lesser bats exist.

Most bats eat insects and fruit. 

Hairlipped Bat (Noctilionidae) - carnivorous - catches insects, small birds, fish and mice.

True Vampire Bats - can lap and digest only fresh blood. Their diet: small animals.

Some lesser bats in Madagascar and New Zealand have sucker cups under their wrists which allow them to stick to smooth surfaces.

Most bats hibernate in huddled groups, sleeping suspended upside down.

Lesser bats fly through the air by "clawing" the air as if swimming, moving their legs and wings in unison motion.

Fastest of all bats - The Mastiff (Molossidae). These creatures reside in warmer climates of the world.
Noted characteristics: an fold up their wings and move about on all fours like other mammals.

Most bats have a long life span rangeing between 16 and 20 + years.
bibliography: encyclopedia


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