The Ogham is an ancient Irish script believed to be possibly used for divination. The script consists of a series of 'letters' associated with various trees held sacred by the old Irish and Druids. Ogham letters can be found on monoliths and other standing stones throughout Ireland and the British Isles. For the purposes of divination, Ogham letters were carved on wood sticks and then 'cast' by a sacred seer.

Ogham Fiction

McNamara's Ghost by Angelique Armae
ISBN: 1-59279-068-2
Publisher: Amber Quil Press
Genre: Dark Romantic Fantasy

P.E.A.R.L. Nominee; Golden Rose Nominee; LoveRomances Reviewer Choice Winner; Dream Realm Award Winner - Best Cover Award; AQP Reader Choice Award Winner; A Fictionwise Best Selling Dark Fantasy Book

Locked in a deadly battle with his evil warlock brother, immortal witch Hugh McNamara sacrifices his own life for the sake of protecting the ancient Irish Ogham Stones—the sacred script of Ireland’s legendary hero. Defeated, Hugh is stripped of his immortality and ends up trapped in time as nothing more than a mere ghost. But when his once-beloved Julia returns to the place of his death, Hugh is stirred from a centuries-old sleep and vows to take back that which was once his—life, liberty, and love…

When parapsychologist Juliann Moss purchases an 18th century tavern in upstate New York, she expects to meet with the occasional bump-in-the-night. After all, she is also an immortal Irish Fairy Witch. But after vowing to give up magic centuries ago, being drawn back into the world of ghosts, warlocks, and ancient witchcraft is a bit more than she bargains for…

To Be Re-issued:

THE OGHAMOIRE - Angelique Armae's Ogham card deck and book for divination

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