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Susan Peterson's EMERGENY CONTACT (Harlequin Intrigue) "I'm a big fan of Sue's books. She has a great voice and is a superb storyteller. Normally, I don't read contemporary romances, but Sue's books always have great charactes I fall in love with and her plots are intriguing. Never a boring moment." - Angelique Armae for TellTalePress

Isabella Jordan's ELEGANT (Amber Quill Press - paranormal erotic romance) “ELEGANT by Isabella Jordan is a must read! This paranormal erotica novella will win readers over with its heartwarming characters and great plot line. Miss Jordan is definitely an author to watch. Her recipe for balancing romance, paranormal elements and spice is absolutely perfect! Her talent for crafting a story is so incredible, one would never believe ELEGANT is Miss Jordan’s first published book.” - Angelique Armae for TellTalePress

Patricia Grasso's TO CHARM A PRINCE (Kensington Books - Historical Romance) "Ms. Grasso is one of the best historical romance authors of all time. TO CHARM A PRINCE captivates the readers from the first page and never lets up. From the exciting adventure crossing the British Isles, to the heartwarming characters, Ms. Grasso delights readers with a warm, sensual tale of magical love. This is the book for everyone who ever dreamed of finding their own prince charming." - Angelique Armae for TellTalePress

Featured Short Fiction:
The Letter

He held the ivory colored paper in his hand, the distinct fragrance of jasmine dancing on the air as he lifted the envelope and took in a deep breath.


There was no mistaking her scent. She wrote every letter with the trademark jasmine ink he had given her on his last visit to London, if only business hadn't kept him so far away...

Jack opened the folded envelope, the silky smooth feel of rag resting against his skin.The sensation teased him. Inside rested a folded note bearing his lover's signature. He sat back in his chair near the opened window and read Elizabeth's indearing words.

Soft swirls of deepest indigo etched the paper where pen and ink had made their mark. Elizabeth had an elegant, graceful handwriting. Jack mused at how his lover's reflection came through in her penmanship.

He closed his eyes. The imagined sound of a gold nib scratching its way across the page filled Jack's ears.

He could see it all clearly in his minds eye; the inkwell with its jasmine scented ink resting safely in a crystal and brass holder, the ivory pages once tied with a fine silk ribbon now scattered about, the sticks of burgundy wax and the brass seal, and last but not least, Miss Elizabeth Hastings sitting at her delicate french styled desk writing cherished words of love to him.

Jack easily fell prey to his thoughts.

With a sigh of regret, he returned to reality.

The sweet smell of jasmine danced once more on the air brought in by a cool autumn breeze. Even though miles kept them apart, Jack was thankful for Elizabeth's letters, through them he felt close to her, close to her longing heart...

Only with a letter...

All contents, including THE LETTER copyright 2000, Josephine Piraneo.

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